Cancer & Immunology Research

Developing the best and most compassionate care of children with cancer, infectious diseases and immune system disorders.

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Genetic Medicine Research

Researching, Diagnosing and Treating genetic disorders.

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Neuroscience Research

Understanding the brain to cure neurodevelopmental disorders.

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Translational Research

Promoting innovation that improves child, family, and community health.

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Spotlight on:

Irene Zohn, PhD
Meet Irene Zohn, PhD, scientist in the Center for Neuroscience Research studying neural tube defects.


Monday 08, December 2014
An article published in the Health Affairs December issue is the first ever comprehensive analysis to investigate the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Essential Health Benefit (EHB) as it relates to children. The study found that the EHB has resulted in a state-by-state patchwork of coverage for children and adolescents that has significant exclusions, particularly for children with developmental disabilities and other special healthcare needs.

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Fifth Annual Research and Education Week

Research and Education Week is the forum to showcase the research and education programs throughout the institution.

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